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We are Shujaaz Inc,a network of social ventures based in Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam. Our ventures inspire,entertain and mobilise 7.5 million 15-24-year-olds across East Africa.

Our network connects young peoplewith the information, skills and resources they need to take control; embeddingthem in a digital and real-world community that gives them the self-belief tosucceed, in their context and on their terms.

We’ve proven that when young people take control of their lives,they create transformational change. Our network of ventures producesworld-leading impact.

As Shujaaz, we are contributing to the NBCC initiative byoffering our network of over 3,000 distribution points (youth-friendlysmallholder businesses[cw1] ) across Kenya as handwashing centres. We also bring on boardour expertise in telling stories through our multimedia platform reaching 7.5M 15-24 year old Kenyans - in this context telling stories around prevention ofand best practices around COVID-19.



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Joining dotted lines, NBCC leverages on PPP’s to deliver reusable masks to the youth.

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The power of networks came to the surface yesterday as the NBCC secretariat handed over 20,000 reusable masks to Kenyan youth.
June 22, 2020
Shujaaz Inc
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