Tanzania joins the world in celebrating Global Handwashing Day

November 22, 2022

Global Handwashing Day is dedicated to increasing the awareness and understanding of the importance of handwashing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent a broad spectrum of diseases as well as their spreading and ultimately save lives. Our Amref-NBCC Coalition team in Tanzania was not left behind in celebrating this day.

The Amref-NBCC team in Tanzania organized a two-day event in order to support interpersonal behavior change communication in the Dodoma region, targeting the most vulnerable at-risk population segments. The project worked with 14-Health Officers (HO) and 32-Community Health Volunteers as part of the Global Handwashing Day commemoration and awareness raising.  The team aimed to demonstrate proper handwashing techniques reminding the communities that Covid-19 is still an active virus and there is still a need for good hand hygiene practices in an attempt to prevent the spread of the virus. The commemoration events were conducted at Majengo and Sabasaba Markets in Dodoma City. More than 2,200 people received handwashing and Covid-19 vaccination messages.

Dodoma City Council health officer demonstrating the handwashing Stages at Majengo Market

On day two, the 15th of October, which was the actual Global Hand Washing Day, Amref-NBCC collaborated with the Dodoma City Council for the celebration event whereby a participation in the promotion of hand hygiene practices was given. The event was carried out at Mtumba Ward and attended by about 340 students as well as by the community.

Amref-NBCC Tanzania also received SATO taps, household handwashing stations made for low-income households, which were used for the demonstration of handwashing with soap. SATO Taps are gravity fed from a plastic bottle and designed to release a steady but limited flow of water to ensure none of it is wasted. The connector is designed to accept a variety of bottle shapes and sizes, while featuring an integral soap holder.

Amref team from HBCC in collaboration with the Regional health officer demonstrate how to assemble and fix SATO Taps ready for use which act as water-saving taps in the areas where water is a problem people can wash their hands using little water from these devices

This event was attended by Dodoma DC who was the Guest of honor.

A total number of 2,750 people (954 Female and 846 Male) were reached during the campaign. Schoolchildren and community members were able to clearly demonstrate how to properly wash their hands with soap and prevent the spread of Covid-19


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