SATO Taps, simple innovation that won hearts at the Global Hand Washing Day.

With a simple nudge and a PET bottle every homestead can now clean their hands comfortably
October 23, 2020

A smart, fresh toilet is all they are about and from the quest to provide proper sanitation and safe toilets developed the SATO brand. Built on the back of a social business designed to improve the lives of over 100 million people by 2025, SATO hopes to develop technology and products to improve sanitation experience off the grid.

As part of the LIXIL group a global multinational that makes pioneering water and housing products to solve every day, real-life challenges while making better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere. Like other LIXIL brands, SATO is designed with the purpose to make better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere.

Dr Githinji Gitahi, Group Chief Executive Officer, Amref Health Africa handing over the second place prize for innovations in Hand  washing interventions to SATO Country head ,Mr Alex Global Handwashing Day celebration at Amref university

It is against this pioneering notion that the SATO taps was recognized during the 2020 Global Hand Washing Day for its simplicity, affordability and effectiveness especially in addressing the challenges brought about the Covid-19 pandemic. According to Alex Njagi the Country Head SATO Kenya noted his company is on a constant quest to innovate and make things better and he thanked the organizers for recognizing their efforts with an award during the GHWD. He added, “This recognition serves as an affirmation that our affordable hand washing solutions are leaving desired marks on out target communities at a cost of only Ksh. 300/unit.”

Eva Mungai of SATO assists Janet Mbugua , event Master of Ceremony with soap in the process of demonstrating SATO hand washing taps.

Called the SATO tap, this hand washing station has a unique nozzle that releases just enough water to practice safe hygiene. It is operated with a simple nudge ensuring minimal contact when shared among communities.  It is also easy to refill with water and offers a convenient place to keep soap. Any PET bottle available locally can be used to refill the tank.

Water facilities in the rural areas are often communal facilities, accessing the facilities increases chances of human contact and is a setback in human hygiene. SATO tap is developed to be more and attractive to low income families and designed to used anywhere in the home, even if it does not have access to a supply of running water.

CAS Ministry of Water and Sanitation, Mr  Andrew Tuimur, CAS Health Dr. Mercy Mwangangi and Prof. Myriam Sidibe of NBCC demonstrates the Hand washing universal sign.

Big on partnerships, SATO is working closely with the Ministry of Health and schools to increase its reach nationally and ensure more people have a dignified and hygienic sanitization experience. SATO is in the process of mass introducing the SATO tap by 2021, a simplified and effective tap that uses very little water and can be deployed literally anywhere in the world. Further to enhance local employment, SATO products are manufactured locally and fixed by locally trained experts in areas they are deployed in.

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