Research Reports from our Digital Partners

We are thrilled to share with our audience two important research reports produced by our digital partners.
September 7, 2022

AIfluence produced a baseline survey analysis in all three countries we are targeting - Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania - in July 2022. This online baseline survey was distributed using social media influencers: influencers posted links to the self-administered online survey and invited their followers to participate over a period of 1 week. There were 1,859 people who took the survey in Kenya, 933 in Uganda, and 678 respondents in Tanzania. To learn more about the reach of our HBCC campaign and current attitudes towards COVID-19 and protective behaviours, read the full analysis here:

Shujaaz produced a ‘groundtruth’ report for both Tanzania and Kenya in July 2022. To learn more on where young people stand today on COVID-19 hygiene and vaccination in Kenya and Tanzania, read the full report here:

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