Private Sector brands Joins in Celebrating and Marking the Global Handwashing Day.

Brands that make an impact in our day to day lives, remain connected to the users!
October 23, 2020

The evolution of brands during the pandemic has been unprecedented with age old brand rivalries put aside for the good of mankind. Brands are working together towards winning the war against Covid-19 and this has been one of the biggest successes of the NBCC coalition.

Speaking to us during the Global Hand Washing Day 2020, NBCC CEO Maggie Rarieya said “You can see Dettol and Lifebouy side by side joining hands to do what they would normally have done individually is one of the biggest achievements of the NBCC coalition; a scenario that has been replicated severally within the coalition. This is indeed testament that brands do have a greater purpose than their bottom line especially when human lives are at stake” said Maggie.

CAS Ministry of Water and Sanitation Andrew Tumuir, Prof. Myriam Sidibe Chairperson NBCC Secretariat, CAS Ministry of Health Dr. Mercy Mwangangi, Mr Patrick OBATH, DG Rotary district 9212 and Group CEO, Amref Dr Githinji jointly display the Hand washing sign after cleaning their hands

With this evolution of the brands, coalitions like NBCC have shown the unlimited potential when we all wear a face of humanity. While competition is healthy, modern brands have to know where and when to draw lines and put human interest first. Through complementing, supporting or working with each other, the coalition has made tremendous strides in the fight against Covid-19.

The trio makes a declaration that they have washed their hands thoroughly with soap! Triza Kinoru, Marketing Manager, Reckitt Benkiser ( EA)  Prof  Myriam Sidibe , Chair Person , NBCC and Maggie Rarieya head of NBCC secretariat.
The LifeBouy Brand of Unilever brought out their best team for the Global Hand washing day.
CAS Ministry of Water and Sanitation Mr. Andrew Tuimur demonstrates the proper hand washing technique at the Lifebouy hand wash station.
Triza Kinoru of Marketing Manager Reckitt Benkiser ( EA) reinforces a point to Prof, Myriam Sidibe
At the Dettol Hand Washing station, Prof Myriam Sidibe demonstrates how to thoroughly wash your hands




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