NBCC partners join hands to amplify Mask Up campaign on Social Media

Partners collaborate in anti Covid-19 drive #NBCCMaskChallenge
September 7, 2020

NBCC partners have joined hands to amplify the new Mask Up Campaign. Designed to educate the public on masks, why we should wear them, how to wear and dispose of, the Mask Up campaign complements the hand washing and HBCC campaigns in the anti Covid-19 campaign. 

Coming together to reinforce the Mask Up Campaign Rotary’s Dr. Josephine Ojiambo teamed up with Project Hand Up to deliver a skit involving puppets. Project HAND UP is an NBCC coalition partner and they provide HIV and AIDS education. Using puppetry, storytelling and magic, Hand Up conveys messages packaged for children, teens and adults in diverse ways to ensure they teach the truth and help reduce sigma. During the pandemic period, project Hand Up has diversified into Covid-19 messaging where they have made videos and used their shows to communicate about the pandemic.

#NBCCMaskChallenge, #BizFightsCorona ,#KomeshaCorona


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