Joining dotted lines, NBCC leverages on PPP’s to deliver reusable masks to the youth.

The power of networks came to the surface yesterday as the NBCC secretariat handed over 20,000 reusable masks to Kenyan youth.
June 22, 2020

Pulling together individual capabilities, the NBCC secretariat sourced locally produced masks and leveraged on Shujaaz Inc. an NBCC coalition partner to distribute the masks to its extensive network.

It is indeed a joy to see all these things coming through said Dr. Miriam Sidibe, Chair National Business Compact as she saluted all that made the hand over possible. She added “The youth are the real agents of change and the trend setters as well. We know that working with them is crucial to adopt the preventative measures on hygiene in this new normal. Shujaaz Inc. is perfectly positioned to do this given the trust they have created with this audience. NBCC is excited that the partnership with Shujaaz will be impactful to the youth at large. ”

The handover ceremony was held at Pafena Cyber Café, a Shujaaz Inc. Super Fan zone in Kiserian, Kajiado County that saw the youth add their voice to the Covid 19 narrative. Caught up between chasing the elusive shilling and staying safe, the thankful, the attendees felt this donation is a timely intervention when most have to choose between basic survival and staying safe from Covid 19. They further felt that the youth need to be weaved more into this narrative and asked stakeholders in the anti-Covid 19 campaign to engage them more and ensure the youth’s voices are heard and listened to.

Present at the event was Shujaaz Inc- Networks Manager Joram Kioko who lauded this partnership thanking all partners involved for making sure the youth remain top of mind in the fight against Covid 19. He further noted- more than any community, the youth are a higher infection risk, given their outward and interactive nature and hence appreciated this gesture from NBCC.

Indeed, globally masks have experienced an amazing metamorphosis in 2020, originally as a symbol of protest in Hong Kong, to Covid 19 preventative wear and now a necessity for global citizens.

By donating the masks to the youth network, NBCC continues to demonstrate, it’s support to the government efforts of combating Covid-19 and commitment to promoting the use of masks as part of behavior change campaign.

Watch a Video of what took place.


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