Fruitful Outcomes as HBCC 2 Expands its Reach in Tanzania

September 5, 2022
Amref Tanzania meets with NBCC team led by Professor Myriam Sidibe, Chair of NBCC and Founder of Brands on a Mission, accompanied by Clare Haule, NBCC Tanzania Partnerships Consultant for a planning session.

Prof. Myriam Sidibe, Chair of NBCC and Founder of Brands on a Mission made a trip to Tanzania from 18-19 July 2022. This was a timely trip during phase 1 of this mobilisation as it provided the opportunity to meet already contracted partners, as well as pave the way for new partnerships in Tanzania. The meetings coordinated by Ms. Clare Haule, the NBCC Tanzania Partnerships Consultant, targeted private sector partners in order to accelerate the participation and support of already contracted partners, as well as recruit new ones. These meetings saw Prof. Sidibe generate a number of private sector commitments that will help accelerate the impact of HBCC 2 in Tanzania.

Albeit not a private sector entity, the first key partner that Prof. Sidibe met with was Amref Tanzania, represented by Country Director Dr. Florence Temu and her team. While Amref-NBCC are already working closely together to deliver HBCC 2 in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, the core team that the NBCC Secretariat collaborate with are based in Kenya. This was therefore an important opportunity for the NBCC Secretariat to meet directly with the Amref team in Tanzania. One key outcome from this meeting was Amref’s introduction of NBCC to the Amref CEO roundtable, a platform for private sector directors that is scheduled for September. We are planning for this event to coincide with Prof. Sidibe’s second visit to Tanzania to enable Sidibe to present the HBCC 2 campaign at this roundtable.

A second meeting was held with Clouds Media, one of the most popular media houses in Tanzania. Represented by Ms. Sheba Kasuga, the Director of Business Development, this meeting explored how Clouds Media can become a partner in order to amplify the HBCC 2 campaign. Among the proposed partnership touchpoints was to integrate HBCC 2 into Clouds Media flagship event Fiesta Music Festival that is set to be launched in September. It was agreed that the Unilever PASSWORD campaign will be linked to the concert.

Also connected with during this trip was E-FM Media represented by Geoffrey Ndaula, the Director of Programs. Mr. Ndaula highlighted the pessimism and fear surrounding Coronavirus in Tanzania and advised that the HBCC campaign is run in a way that avoids re-introducing the overwhelming sense of fear that characterised the early stages of the pandemic. He emphasised the need to champion the vaccination narrative within the PASSWORD campaign while also amplifying WASH as a solution to general hygiene issues, beyond just the issue of Coronavirus.

A final meeting was held with Wadsworth Distributors, one of the largest distribution house & logistics providers for fast moving consumer goods in Tanzania. Mr. Aunali Sachedina, Chairman of Wadsworth committed to scheduling meetings with multiple private sector partners to present the HBCC campaign rationale, opening the door to expanding the private sector partnership network in Tanzania.

While a planned meeting with the Tanzanian Private Sector Federation (TPSF) did not materialise, a virtual session was later held in early August. In this fruitful session, TPSF pledged its support to Amref-NBCC, offering access to its private sector members, as well as its close working relationship with the government. While details of this partnership are being finalised, we are very excited to be connected to TPSF’s rich network of 6.4 million entrepreneurs across Tanzania. The support of the TPSF will be particularly important during Prof Sidibe’s second planned trip to Tanzania in which she hopes to visit Dodoma to debrief the Ministry of Health on the progress of HBCC 2 in the country.

All the scheduled meetings proved productive and energising. It is owing to these types of partnerships that we are confident of success in implementing HBCC 2 in Dar es Salam, Dodoma and Mwanza, the primary focus areas in Tanzania. We look forward to seeing what additional progress and collaborations Prof. Sidibe’s second trip to Tanzania will bring.

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