Embracing artificial intelligence to better effect Covid-19 communication

AIfluence uses algorithms to identify and recruit influencers and opinion leaders
December 11, 2020

The arrival of the pandemic caught everyone off guard and in the initial stages stakeholders were groping in the dark and grasping at straws as the newness of the virus offered more questions than answers. With time scientists understood the virus and with it interventions on how to stem the spread of the pandemic one of which was an inherent need to rapidly but effectively spread awareness to the masses countrywide.

To this effect messages were deployed through various platforms both above and below the line and awareness of Covid-19 was spread globally. Over time the generic messaging generated fatigue and trust issues and to reinforce messages to grass root communities’ key messages needed to be delivered by people these communities could trust and relate with. Thus influencers and opinion leaders came into the picture as part of the fight against Covid-19.

Identifying who fit the influencer and opinion leader tag thus became key and the NBCC coalition through their partner AIfluence used artificial intelligence to accurately identify key opinion and community leaders with high, positive emotional connection in their respective communities.  Using advanced algorithms, AIfluence conducted deep research of target audiences then reverse engineered its campaigns to identify the micro and nano influencers who hold that target audience in their trust networks. Once the influencers were identified, they were on-boarded to participate in NBCC’s communication’s campaign.

According to AIfluence CMO George Issaias, besides recruiting influencers, our job entails creating and maintaining the social behavioral change campaigns in 13 counties in Kenya. We help spread awareness, debunk myths, disinformation and misinformation and help curb the spread of Covid 19 as well as providing support to the various NBCC partners in communications strategy and or amplification of their various initiatives through our platform.

From the time we started, we have reached 9 out of the 12 million target and have actively engaged 500 thousand of our 2 million target with behaviour change communication said George. He added “Through our platform, we apply machine-driven accuracy to scale audience targeting and influencer identification, management and impact reporting and can engage target audiences in over 85% of African languages.”

Tapping into peer-to-peer recommendations with the understanding that audiences are most likely to trust people they know versus brands or celebrity endorsers AIfluence relies on the platform’s capabilities to identify the appropriate influencers to use on a campaign. “We’re talking about regular people, who would most likely have an affinity to the cause or brand we are promoting, because our machine analysis has led us to them. The result is authentic, meaningful conversations, which allow us to achieve conversion rates at over 4 x industry averages” said George.



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