Blended Finance for COVID19 Response- A Multi-Stakeholder Engagement

Key Highlights (From the Panelists)
August 27, 2020


Mr. Arif Neky – United Nations Partnerships – SDGs Partnerships Platform

“Stakeholders should take caution on the subject of blended finance so as not to create over dependency on private sector capital financing; Blended Finance therefore is among many other approaches in financing sustainable development for Africa”

Dr. Mercy Mwangangi – Ministry of Health-Government of Kenya

“The Government is working on Health Financing Framework Policy and the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Fund; the approach to be adopted will create an environment necessary for private sector, philanthropy and development agencies’ engagement and management level, to act as a catalytic instrument in ensuring Universal Health Coverage as part of the Big Four Agenda while sustaining government investments.”

Mr. Peter Wamicwe – Convergence Finance

“Across Africa, Kenya’s Investment climate has continued to provide a conducive space for private investors and financiers hence leading in the number of blended finance transactions (92) with a bankable value of USD $ 13 Billion”

Ms. Nuru Mugambi – Kenya Bankers Association

“There is increased appreciation by the Private Sector of all the elements of business sustainability which includes social investment; this therefore calls for regulatory incentives by government in Health and Education coupled by robust policy engagement for effective and responsive blended finance engagement.”

Mr. William Asiko – Rockefeller Foundation-Africa

“Blended Finance transactions necessitate the right negotiating language between private sector and development that which allows for understanding expectations of each partner; in advancement of this, there is need for analysis of the commercial viability of SDG related projects for adoption by private capital.”


Dr. Manu Chandaria

“Demonstrable accountability measures by Government especially in response to COVID19 Emergency response is key in giving confidence to private capital and donations.”

Dr. Richard Munang – United Nations Environment Programme

“There lies an opportunity in the informal sector and mobile money platforms in contributing to financing social investments towards the achievement of the SDGs”

Dr. Myriam Sidibe – National Business Compact on Coronavirus

“The NBCC Platform through the flexi-fund incorporating Development Financing, donations from Private Sector, Philanthropy and NGOs, has increased the rate of response through the agility it provides, helping the government flatten the curve in the fight against the COVID19 Pandemic.”


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