Flexi fund

The NBC Flexi Fund is led by Amref with oversight from Kenya Red Cross, UN SDG Partnership Platform and MSK


On 11th March 2020, the Director General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) declaredCOVID-19 infection a pandemic. The rates of infection are rising and more countries are reporting cases across the African continent signaling a looming major public health catastrophe due to weak health systems. Statistics show that average readiness in Africa is about 66% and the most significant gaps are in rapid response teams, infection prevention and control, case management, and risk communication and community engagement (RCCE).

While Kenya, is among the ‘readiest’ countries in Africa, we recognize that this does not position it to fight the outbreak effectively and handle mass quarantine of suspect populations.Currently, there are multiple sources of information (infodemics) and unfortunately some sources are not credible and have contributed to public confusion.

The National Business Compact on CoVid19 (NBCC) Kenya chapter was officially launched inNairobi on March 16th, 2020. The coalition convened by The Marketing Society of Kenya comprised of competing brands in the hygiene business, Kenya Association of Manufacturers,Kenya Private Sector Alliance, Public Relations Society of Kenya, Amref Health Africa, SDGPartnership Platform, and the UN family in Kenya whose mandate is to accelerate local action and support government efforts in countering the pandemic.

As a result, the NBCC working closely with the Kenyan government and its National Task Force for CoVid19 Response, has established an emergency flexible fund to raise funding to support the critical work of the Ministry of Health.

Funds functions

The Flexible Fund has been activated to receive contributions from the business community, philanthropies, and development partners to ensure that the Ministry of Health of Kenya will have immediate, flexible access to resources for urgent emergencies related to CoVid19.

Moreover, the Flexible Fund will:

Scope of the Flexible Fund

The Flexible Fund will provide immediate support across the following key areas:
  1. Launch of national public advertising campaign on CoVid19 and handwashing to reach over 40 million Kenyans
  2. Community activation and information dissemination to frontline health service providers and other community networks on CoVid19 prevention and control.
  3. Purchase of basic equipment, supplies or services needed to respond to the outbreak in the field and address immediate public health issues.
  4. Other urgent needs as identified by the Kenya Ministry of Health

Fund governance, management & administration

The governance arrangements of the Flexible Fund will be aligned with and embedded in theKenya COVID-19 response governance and coordination architecture.

The Fund's governance involves three levels: Flexible Fund Oversight Committee; Fund management and administration (Amref Health Africa) and implementation (Implementing partners). The NBCC Secretariat will provide overall coordination support to all levels.

The aim however is that it comprises the following bodies and formations (which may exist and operate virtually or in-person) which are able to efficiently and effectively operate the FlexibleFund while maintaining high standards of accountability:

Fund Governance and Oversight

The Oversight Committee is the main governance body of the Fund. It is chaired by Dr. MyriamSidibe, Chair, NBCC, and sits the following other four members:
Dr. Githinji Gitahi, Global CEO Amref Health Africa will participate in the Oversight Committeemeetings as non-voting Strategic Advisor representing the Resource Mobilization Sub-Committeeof the National CoVid19 Response Task Force.

The Oversight Committee is the decision-making authority responsible for:
The Oversight Committee will take into account all the proposals and will select them based on criteria such as: alignment with programmatic priorities, available funding, and complementarity of the intervention with other ongoing or foreseen actions and level of involvement of concerning actors.

The Oversight Committee makes its decisions by consensus; however, in case of disagreement, decisions are made by a qualified majority of two thirds (2/3). Members of the Oversight will recuse themselves on funding decisions related to proposal submissions directly benefitting their organisation to avoid any conflict of interest. In case the Oversight Committee cannot physically meet, the decisions will be taken by virtual vote, through email, and the same norms of consensus will apply. Committee members are expected to respond to projects presented to them within 48 hours. In case of no response, the vote of the respective member will be counted as favourable. The Fund’s management will coordinate the communications with the Oversight Committee members. In case a Committee member has not responded to a funding allocation request within 48 hours, the Fund’s management will call the member to assure all communications have been received and can be acted upon.

Fund's Management and Administration

The Fund is managed and administered by Amref Health Africa (Amref) as the custodian of theFlexible Fund and will maintain fiduciary oversight on the transactions of this Fund.

Amref’s services include:
Amref is responsible for the following functions:

Fund Implementation

The Fund will be implemented by local partners. Implementing partners will be selected based on their comparative advantage to swiftly deliver on projects put forward to the Oversight Committee by the Resource Sub-Committee of theNational CoVid19 Response Task Force.

Implementing Partners need to meet the requirements to receive funding from Amref, as the managing agent of the Flexible Fund.

The implementing partners will be able to receive resources from the Fund, after approval has been granted by the Oversight Committee and upon receipt of appropriate invoicing.

Each implementing partner is programmatically and financially responsible for funds received in accordance with its own regulations, rules, policies and procedures, including those related to procurement, as well as HR provided that the minimum requirements established by the Fund are complied with, in terms of fiduciary securities and principles.

Each implementing partner will be responsible to report back to the NBCC Secretariat on the results achieved against plans approved, and to Amref on expenditure.

NBCC Secretariat

The NBCC Secretariat is responsible for the overall operational functioning of the National BusinessCompact for Covid-19.

The NBC Secretariat is providing support in the following areas:
The Secretariat functions related to the Fund are:


This Fund will only receive cash contributions and ensure that all contributions are swiftly utilized for the intended COVID-19 response as per the scope of the Fund. The Fund's resources will include: donor contributions; any interests, payments, repayments or net profit for investments less any authorized release and incurred expenses in accordance with Amref Health Africa rules and regulations.

The Fund's resources will be used to finance or co-finance projects, programs and operations approved by the Oversight Committee. Contributions to the Flexible Fund may be accepted from Member States, regional organizations, inter-governmental organizations, businesses, and individuals.

The Fund will receive contributions in fully convertible currency or any other currency that can be readily used. Such contributions will be deposited to the bank account designated by Amref Health Africa. The value of the contributions, if made in a currency other than US dollars will be determined by applying the operational exchange type in effect of the date of payment. Profit or loss due to currency exchange rate is registered in the Fund's account set by theAdministrative Agent and will be taken on by the Fund.

Funds will be received on the following accounts
Banking Details:
Banking Institution: Standard Chartered
Account Name: Amref Health Africa
REF: National CoVid19 Response Fund

Account Numbers Currency
01080-034089-10 KES
28080-034089-01 GBP
87080-034089-04 USD
93080—034089-02 Euro

Branch: Upper Hill
#344555 - National Business Compact Fund for Corona Virus Response

Resource allocation and funds transfer

Fourty percent (40%) of all funds raised will go to support urgent requests of the NationalCoVid19 Response Task Force as highlighted in point 4 of the scope of the Fund; while sixty percent (60%) will go towards longer term objectives of the Compact as outlined under its scope of work; launch of national public advertising campaign on CoVid19 and handwashing to reach over 40 million Kenyan; Community activation and information dissemination to frontline health service providers and other community networks on CoVid19 prevention and control; Purchase of basic equipment, supplies or services needed to respond to the outbreak in the field and address immediate public health issues.

Amref will not receive any funding from the Flexi-Fund in order for the Fund to spend any Shilling coming in on pressing needs within the Covid-19 response. Amref will seek for support of NBC partners to cover for its management and administrative functions.

The NBCC Secretariat will submit to the Oversight Committee the Projects selected by theResource Mobilization Sub-Committee of the National COVID-19 Response Committee.

The submission package will include:
  1. The projects documents, in the relevant format.
  2. The different review documents.
  3. Recommendations for funding allocations.
The Oversight Committee decisions are recorded in the meeting minutes and consolidated by the Secretariat in a funds allocation matrix. The Secretariat will electronically share the minutes of the Oversight Committee meeting and approved allocations.

The Secretariat shall prepare a fund transfer request for each program or project and budget allocation approved by the Oversight and will submit to Amref along with the relevant supporting documents.

Amref will carry out the requested transfers to implementing entities no later than two (2) working days after the request submittal. Upon completion of the transfer, the representative of the receiving organization and the Secretariat will be notified through electronic mail.

Monitoring and reporting

The continuous monitoring and evaluation of NBCC projects is conducted by the Secretariat. The information will be consolidated through a result-based management system. In terms of outputs the result indicators will be specific for each project; in terms of outcomes there will be shared indicators. The evaluation of performance indicators will take external factors into account, as well as previously identified assumptions and risks. Implementing entities are responsible for data gathering and this will be one of the key elements reflected in the program annual report.

The implementing entities will present the following reports to the Secretariat for consolidation and further transmission to Amref:
Annual and final reports will exhibit results based on evidence. Narrative progress and final narrative reports will compare actual results against estimated results in terms of outputs and outcomes and they will explain the reasons of higher or lower performance. The final narrative report will also include the analysis of how the outputs and outcomes have contributed to theFund's global impact.

Financial Reporting
The implementing entities will present the following financial statements and reports to Amref. Amref’s Finance Manager will provide weekly report to NBCC Oversight Committee and the NBCC secretariat on Flexi-fund account and status of transactions. NBCC will ensure that the Ministry ofHealth is advised on the all support provided by NBCC. To that end, the secretariat will regularly communicate with the Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Health confirming details on actions/deliveries

Accountability & Transparency

Amref Health Africa has had significant experience in managing funds from Global Fund, USAID,CIFF, DfID and other multilateral and global partners. It will report on the use of funds donated for the purpose of supporting the national CoVid19 response on a monthly basis and post the report on its website at It will use its existing financial systems and processes which have been reviewed by all four major auditing firms over the last year and given a clean bill of health. In addition, Amref will avail monthly reports to donors on income and disbursement of funding. To that end, Amref Health Africa will conduct fund management under its existing procurement and financial management structures to ensure full accountability and transparency. (See Annex 1: Procurement Process)

Modification and expiration

The Fund end date is 31st December 2020. It may be extended based on approval by theOversight Committee. The Fund will terminate upon completion of all programmes funded through Amref and after satisfaction of all commitments and liabilities.

Notwithstanding the completion of the initiatives financed from the Fund, any unutilised balances will continue to be held in the Fund Account until all commitments and liabilities incurred in implementation of the programmes have been satisfied and programme activities have been brought to an orderly conclusion.

Any balance remaining in the Fund Account or in at implementing partners will be used for a purpose mutually agreed upon by the Donors and Amref.