the national business COMPACT kenya

Collaboration for urgent local action, global best-practice sharing to tackle COVID-19

Peter Mbithi of Copia (one of NBCC partners in the WASH Work stream) makes some remarks during a field visit in Kibra, Nairobi County. Looking on is Maureen Kolenyo Head of NBCC WASH Work stream.

the national business COMPACT kenya

Sharing best practices with local communities.

Maggie Rarieya Head of NBCC Secretariat demonstrates the proper handwashing technique at a handwashing station installed by Rotary Club of Kenya in collaboration with SHOFCO in Kibra, Nairobi County.

the national business COMPACT kenya

Providing essential handwashing stations to beat the spread of Covid-19.

Clean hands do more than preventing spread of Covid-19, it is also a critical intervention in prevention of other opportunistic diseases. A resident in the busy region of Kibra stops to wash her hands at one of the hand washing stations set up by SHOFCO in Kibra, Nairobi County.

the national business COMPACT kenya

Assisting the community to keep them safe.

Through NBCC/Copia partnership various Hand washing stations have been set up across the country. A Copia agent at her shop assists a Shujaaz representative to wash her hands during a field visit at Wangige shopping center, Kiambu County.

the national business COMPACT kenya

Making sure handwashing stations are available for everyone.

Dr Josephine Ojiambo Rotary Club of Kenya Representatative at NBCC clarifies a point during the filedvisit at Kibra, Nairobi County. Looking on is Rotarian Ngina and Head NBCC secretariat , Maggie Rarieya.

the national business COMPACT kenya

Providing important protective equipment to protect people from Covid-19.

Dr Myriam Sidibe Chairperson of NBCC Hands over 20,000 Masks donated to Shujaaz youth Network represented by CEO Rob Burnet at a Shujaaz SuperFan Location in Kiserian , Kajiado County.

the national business COMPACT kenya

Making sure people get the supplies they really need.

Practical Action (one of NBCC partner on WASH Workstream) donates hand washing supplies to an Elderly Mother in the remote section of Turkana County.


About our collaboration

The National Business Compact Coalition Kenya chapter was officially launched in Nairobi on March 16th, 2020. The coalition convened by The Marketing Society of Kenya comprised of competing brands in the hygiene business, Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Kenya Private Sector Alliance, Public Relations Society of Kenya, AMREF, Association of Practitioners in Advertising, SDG Partnership Platform,and the UN family in Kenya whose mandate is to accelerate local action and support government efforts in countering the pandemic. We are working with Business Fights Poverty and other Business networks alike on global best-practice sharing.

Our current set of collaborators



As the Ministry of Health, we are looking forward to collaborating with the Kenya Business Compact to win the fight against COVID-19 and advance our journey towards Universal Health Coverage in the Country

Dr Mercy Mwangangi, Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of Health, Kenya

As the Ministry of Health, we are looking forward to collaborating with the Kenya Business Compact to win the fight against COVID-19 and advance our journey towards Universal Health Coverage in the Country

Dr Mercy Mwangangi, Chief Administrative Secretary, Ministry of Health, Kenya

This initiative is in the spirit of the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda. Especially in times of uncertainty, we need to come together, in order to leave no-one-behind. As the SDGs are everyone’s business, fighting COVID-19 will certainly be as well.

Siddharth Chatterjee, United Nations Resident Coordinator to Kenya

We need urgent local action to fight this global pandemic. Businesses must stand up immediately and commit to responsible marketing practices and support efforts to accelerate national handwashing campaigns and other preventative solutions

Myriam Sidibe, Senior Fellow from the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government, Harvard Kennedy School

The COVID19 response needs a whole society approach with full ownership from Individuals, families, communities, businesses, and Government in order to reduce and control its spread. It is not a Government only effort.

Dr. Githinji Gitahi, AMREF Group CEO

The anticipated impacts of the work will be to accelerate a WHO-validated, national handwashing campaign and other COVID-19 preventative solutions, starting in Kenya.

Pheodor Mundia, The Marketing Society Chairman










The latest commitments from our donors


Products & Services

3.1M KSH Sanitizers

April 24, 2020

The UN SDG Partnership Platform


Providing 3 million KSH financial support to boost the capacities of the NBCC Secretariat & Flexi Fund Management.

April 22, 2020


Business Support

Distribution of 1,500 Hand Washing Stations

April 17, 2020

Swiss Development Cooperation


19M in funding

April 2, 2020



200 Ksh in cash

April 2, 2020


Products & Services

100 street lights; 48,000 bars of soap; 1000 basins

April 2, 2020

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Read the latest about our work

The Power of Collaboration

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This is how we do it
August 14, 2020

NBCC, Nestlé Kenya, and Rotary club partners with Kenya Prison Services to curb spread of Covid-19

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20,000 liters of water and soap to be availed daily to over 6,000 inmates in Nairobi prisons.
August 11, 2020
Rotary International

NBCC secretariat visits hand washing stations to asses on-ground progress

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To date NBCC and the Partners have deployed up to 5,400 hand washing stations in various parts of the country reaching approximately 15,762 Million people.
August 7, 2020
Johnathan Jackson
Practical Action Kenya
Shujaaz Inc
Rotary International
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The latest resources

Action Toolkit


Action Toolkit

NBCC Accountability Report End June Activities


Webinar on Nutrition Sensitive Food Systems Response to COVID 19 in Developing Economies The Case of Kenya (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries)

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